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MSB allows you to test all its features. Data will only be partially displayed until registered.


Syncing with iTunes is required to use MSB
MSB should work on any system (Mac or PC) that meets the current requirements for syncing an iOS device.

Windows Requires Internet Explorer 8. Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari recommended.


Report a problem: I appreciate bug reports and translation help, you may qualify for a free license!

MobileSyncBrowser 6.4.0 — build 315  2016.08.24
Supports iOS 9.x / iTunes 12.x Backups.

Also works with older iOS/iTunes versions. Not all features may work across all possible combinations of iOS/iTunes.

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Other Available Downloads
Older Versions(Unsupported)
Pre-Release (For testing; see notes.)

Known Issues

[6.3.0] Locked (encrypted) notes introduced in iOS9.3 are not supported.
[6.3.1] Some older backups can trigger a NilObject error.
[6.4.0] iOS9 Notes are sent to browser instead of exporting to disk.

6.0 Changes

Rewritten for speed and stability improvements.
  • NEW Resizable Interface
  • NEW Printing
  • NEW Support for Visual Voicemail
  • NEW Improved previews (Files, Contacts, Etc)
  • CHANGE [6.4] Improvements to Contacts and Calendars
  • CHANGE [6.3] Support for multimedia iOS9 notes.
  • CHANGE [6.3.5] Printed HTML Messages show contact info
  • FIX [6.4] Fixed an issue that prevented some Calendars from exporting.
  • FIX [6.4] Fixed an issue that would disable certain backups in Windows.
  • FIX [6.3] Corrects 'XMLparser' error in certain notes
  • FIX [6.3.1] Shows lock status for iOS9.3 Notes.
  • FIX [6.3.1] Corrects a situation were some dates where improperly formatted.
  • FIX [6.3.3] Fixes a crash in Notes that could prevent a backup from opening.
  • FIX [6.3.4] Fixes a Windows-only issue that could cause Message 'chat bubbles' to render incorrectly.
  • FIX [6.3.6] Fixes a Windows-only issue with popup menus.
  • FIX [6.3.6] Fixes a Mac-only issue with some file exports when replacing an existing file.

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